Lobby Art Editions

Beginnning in 2014 in collaboration with Ximena Bedoya, Lobby Art Editions is a record label focused on a range of musical forms, methods, and approaches.  Releases have spanned dark ambient, pipe organ drone, synthpop, AM gold, avant-country, free music and more. The effort of the label is to craft sincere and thoughtful releases with a delicate eye towards design, packaging, and outreach.

“Todo Está Aquí” is an initiative started in 2020 that connects each release with an organization selected by both artist and label through a donation tier retail offering.  Small handmade objects are released in limited quantities with pricing set as 2x retail (with an option to donate more), with at least 1x retail donated to the organization.  Additionally, a percentage of the full album’s proceeds are donated to the same organization; percentage agreed to in conversation with the artist.  We strive to meet both the financial needs of artist and label alike, while striving to move beyond the walls inherent in such a small artistic operation.  We are constantly curious and flexible about new and improved ways to advocate for radical equity in our communities and know that it is a lifelong process of reflection, refinement, and reinvention.

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