“Lattice Unfurling”


fabric + video

“All My Favorite Singers Couldn’t Sing”


fabric + felt, tulle + rhinestone, brass sheet metal, stainless steel sheet metal, 8" cymbals, transducers, ebo, 22” ride cymbal, snare drums, mallet, banjo, violin, whisks, fringe

“As Blood Turns to Beer, The Body a Busted Souvenir”  

“The Range of Space Afforded the Edge Between the Stove, the Counter, and the Floor is Vast and Open”


fabric + fringe

“A Monopoly on Violence”

sound by Sam Wenc
directed by Sophia Giovannatti

Outerware Series

video series documenting hand sewn fabrics in varying environments 

Post Moves 
“Del Mero Corazón”

music video

Performance Videos

Video Collaborations

collection of music videos made by collaborators

Video by Jasper Lee

Video by Ximena Bedoya

Video by Sandy Ewen

Video by Jeremy Lee Faulkner

Video by Phil Steiger